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Dear Friend,
This is the story of two gals who met and became friends through yoga- myself, a ballerina who grew up in Pennsylvania, and Marcia, a teacher and mother of two, who grew up in Brazil and moved to the United States as a young adult.   Although we have had vastly different life experiences, one thing that we share is the fact that we both were initially drawn to yoga for its spiritual and mental aspects rather than the physical practice.  We have grown to love the "exercise" of yoga and appreciate how the practice, in its many forms, can bring healing and strength to not just the body, but the mind and spirit. The summer we met, we both found ourselves living in our yoga clothes  and, although we appreciated their comfort and functionality, we wished that we could be wearing something a bit more chic.  Hence, State of Bodhi was born.
Although we probably didn't realize it at the time, I think we were both yearning to create something that could make some small difference in the world in a tangible way.  We set the goal to create a company based on creativity and compassion.  Creativity because we are both artists at heart and compassion because, well what is more beautiful than that?  We've found that compassion towards oneself is often a difficult habit to create and like anything else, takes practice.  We believe that by taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and empowering yourself, you become better equipped and eager to be compassionate toward others and the world around you.  
We strive to create a company built on good relationships and honesty.  We choose suppliers that share our values and that we feel proud to support- other companies that believe in making it a priority to care for people and the earth while doing business.  We revel in finding ways to make our products more eco-friendly, not just considering the central components like the fabric and dyes used for the garments but even in the smallest of details, from the labels to the hangtags to the packaging.  We believe that, despite this being more challenging in some ways, it is completely worth it and makes our products more meaningful and unique.  
Giving back to society is also very important to us.  As we were planning our company, we knew that we wanted State of Bodhi to be charitable in a very consistent way.  We decided to use our scrap materials to make beautifully unique woven yoga and meditation rugs.  We supplement our knit scraps with silk remnants from the Sari industry in India.  The silk remnants are sewn together by women's collectives in India, a program that helps women achieve financial independence.  Remnants from factories are thrown away if not put to use.  (Millions of pounds of fabrics are thrown away every year in the fashion industry, one of the reasons why it is considered the second worse global industry for the environment.)  We like the idea of reducing our waste in a way that not only benefits the environment but also serves others.  Each woven rug is completely one-of-a-kind and 100% of the proceeds go to a good cause.  We will always include information about the organizations that will be receiving the proceeds on our website and welcome your suggestions!
Lastly, we encourage your feedback.  What do you think about our products? How can they be improved?  What do you like best about them?  What would you like to see offered that is not?  Do you have questions about our products, their components or Eco friendliness? We would be happy to answer your questions and share all the beautiful details with you.


With love,

                                                              Emily Adams Pearson, Co-Owner/Co-Founder

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