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Spring in September

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Now that Summer has come to an end and Autumn has arrived, I want to share a fun way to bring Spring into the home. For those of you who ordered merchandise online or through our Etsy shop, you would have found a little gift of growing potential attached to your order — the hangtag! If you hadn’t realized each State of Bodhi hangtag is plantable!

My first attempt at planting a sample hangtag was at the start of the summer — “attempt” should give you a hint that it did not end up so well and at no fault to the hangtag whatsoever. I do not wish to tarnish the reputation or growing potential of these lovely hangtags. Within a couple of weeks or so (as you can see I was diligently keeping precise track of every passing day), tiny little green buds appeared!

First attempt: a green bud

I was in disbelief since my green thumb primarily handles succulents. . . sturdy little guys who can withstand my occasional black thumb. Unfortunately, I left the country on my honeymoon soon after my little buds were born. And as you would expect, my tiny little darlings were shriveled up and gone upon my return.




I am pleased to announce that my second time around is showing promise. I replanted another hangtag atop the sad remains of the first fail. Within 2 weeks {. . . yes I still estimated, quit judging me), multiple and I mean MULTIPLE green buds emerged from the ashes of their cousins like skinny green-legged phoenixes.

New green buds in the plant pot

Proof that ANYONE can successfully grow little beauties from the State of Bodhi hangtag.

Here’s how it’s done . . . or rather here’s the easiest most bare minimum you should do to grow little darlings.

1. Choose a pot/planter. . . I chose a cute little planter with the built-in drainage bottom since I specialize in succulents who thrive on neglect and an unquenchable thirst. . . that way when I regularly added water to the soil, access fluid could drain out of the pot instead of drowning the plant.

2. Fill pot with soil (I used Miracle-Gro garden soil from a bag that I had bought last summer. . . it had sat out in the snow all winter. . . quit judging. . . I figured I would try the frostbitten soil first before purchasing another bag. . . you know, less waste more miracles.)

3. Lay hangtag flat across soil and cover with 2 more inches of soil.

4. Water daily. . . or as often as you can remember. (I like to use a shot glass as to avoid drowning the little critters.)

5. Keep pot in spot with bright sunshine. . . I keep mine on my kitchen windowsill that faces west. . . I heard that can be good.

6. Once I spotted tiny green buds emerge, I decided to get a little fancy and even add wet plant food (Miracle-Gro Pour and Feed Plant Food for All Potted Plants).

If anything miraculous occurs, I will keep you all posted. . . otherwise,

Happy Planting in September!



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