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Revolutions and Resolutions

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   Ahhh.... the dilemma of the New Year’s Resolution. What will make my life better this new year? How will I be a better person? How can I look better, feel better, do better?            

   Resolutions are all about empowerment... whatever that might mean to you. Purging bad habits and gaining better ones. There’s the oh-so-popular “I’m gonna lose those extra 10 lbs” resolution. “I’ll shed the extra weight and feel like a million bucks.” Or perhaps, the “I’ll finally quit smoking this year” resolution. Or maybe even the “I’ll stop biting my nails” one. What bad habits would you like to purge? Or maybe you’d like to gain a few new healthy ones like going to bed earlier or taking more vitamins.

   But not all resolutions have to be physical. How about a mental resolution? Empowering oneself can begin with a better state of mind. I’ve chosen to practice empowering thinking as my new year’s resolution -- To be an encouraging voice of optimism in my own head. I’ve realized over this past year, that I am so often my worst enemy. Instead of helping myself with strong positive thoughts, I would strangle myself with harsh criticism. I would feel defeated before I even gave something a try. That little voice in your head is more powerful than you think. But fortunately you have complete control over it! Who knew?!

   Instead of weighing myself down with mean words and filling my brain with doubt and fear, I’ve become my biggest fan (as silly as that sounds). I show myself some compassion and become my very own silent cheerleader. Some people are fortunate enough not to have this problem... strutting around like their sh%# don’t stank. But I do... I know full well my sh%# stanks. Whenever I sense that mean voice rising up from within, I work to simply shut her up with a firm confident voice. It’s a funny internal dialogue that makes me sound crazy now that I’m putting it in writing, but I believe I’m not alone in this mental struggle. If you show yourself more compassion, you are more likely to be compassionate towards others. And we all could use a little more compassion in this world.

   No matter how old you are, what size you wear, or how much money you have... Compassion looks good on Everyone.

So what about you? What’s your New Year’s Resolution? What habits would you like to change? Share with us!


             Paige, @papadams


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