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A Not-So-Scary Mask for Halloween

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Happy Halloween! Here’s my first TRY IT entry where I try out a new product and share my experience.

Tis the season of scary clowns and evil witches... and in the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d try out a new face mask. With all of the face make-up that so many of us use on this holiday, I figured it was a good time of year to test out a cleansing mask...

...the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask to be exact.

 Black Mask

It is a 30 minute peel-off mask that claims to “help boost skin clarity and minimizes the appearance of pores”. I have only ever used two at-home masks in my life... neither one being a peel-off mask... so I was excited to get my glow on. That being said, within moments of beginning application, my eyes started to sting as if I had just cut a fresh onion. Now let me just say that I am super sensitive to onions... on a side note, I wear these nifty onion goggles whenever I do cut onions in the kitchen because I am THAT sensitive... red onions, white onions, yellow onions... even potent scallions set my eyes aburnin’ ... I’m talking SENSITIVE. So maybe this was a rare individual reaction... I did not read “onion juice” or “onion extract” in the ingredients list, so I cannot explain my reaction. Perhaps the price of illuminated skin is a few burning tears.

Anyway, I quickly applied the thick liquid to my face — making sure to avoid my lips, eyes (they were obviously already being avoided), eyebrows, and hairline — as directed on the package. This last bit was actually a little upsetting because most of my clogged pores and pimples are located along my hairline and amidst my brows. But alas, woe is me I suppose. The stinging did quickly wear off once I had applied it to my entire face. The mask did not completely dry until about halfway through the time limit. At the 30-minute marker, my skin felt so tight that I could not easily talk or move my mouth. I was definitely ready to peel it off. As I started to remove the mask by the edges with my fingertips, I understood why it was clearly directed to avoid the eyebrows — not only did the mask unclog my pores but it also removed some of my face fuzz... I noticed tiny light hairs attached to the mask. I considered it a bonus and just wished I had put on a thicker layer along my moustache area. I was able to remove nearly all of the mask just by peeling.

Peeling Off the Mask: Part IPeeling the Mask Off: Part II

After washing the little bits of mask off with some warm water, I thought my face felt softer, smoother, and slightly tingly. My skin was not noticeably illuminated, but it did feel detoxed and refreshed.

Fresh Face

Though I endured a few moments of onion-like eyeball burning, I would use this mask again and recommend it for a good deep clean. So I say, TRY IT and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



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